Sinter Trolley Table Car Grate Bar

  • Introduction

Grate bar working environment:


1. Large temperature gap: The working conditions of the sintering machine's grate bars are very harsh, and the temperature changes greatly. The temperature of the grate bars during sintering is generally 800-1000, and after unloading, the cooling temperature in the air quickly drops to 100-300 .


2. Gas corrosion: oxidation and corrosion of CO, CO2, SO2 and water vapor in the atmosphere.


3. High-temperature load-bearing: bear the gravity of sinter during high-temperature sintering.


4. Impact and friction and wear of sintered ore: impact and friction and wear of sintered ore during loading and unloading.


5. Erosion of high temperature and high speed powder-gas two-phase flow.


The sintering machine grate bar is the main part of the sintering machine, which is a vulnerable part, and its service life directly affects the production operation rate of the sintering machine and the production cost of the sintering ore.