• Introduction

Marine Ballast Counterweight primarily made from Cast Iron or Ductile Iron, it is used to counterbalance a load. A single Counterweight can range from 1 kg to 55 tons.


Marine Ballast Counterweight generally is classified by molding methods into ordinary grit type counterweight and special counterweight. Ordinary counterweight is split into three types that are wet sand type, dry sand type and chemical solid sand type. 


Special counterweight is split by molding material into two types. The first uses natural mineral sand as the major molding material, such as fire mould counterweight, shell type counterweight, negative pressure counterweight, muddy type counterweight, slid type counterweight, ceramics type counterweight and so on. The second uses metal as the major molding material that are metal type counterweight, centrifugal type counterweight, continuous counterweight, pressure counterweight, low pressure counterweight.  


Marine Ballast Counterweight meets the GB676-78 standard, made from pig irons or waste copper. The specification and the weigh can be custom made according to customer’s drawing. Counterweights would be polished, cleaned and also antirust painted.