• Introduction

Heavy Industry Counterweight is generally classified according to modeling method, and is customarily divided into ordinary sand type counterweight and special counterweight. Ordinary sand type counterweight includes wet sand type, dry sand type and chemical hardened sand.


According to different modeling material, special counterweight can be divided into two categoriesThe one type of counterweight uses natural mine sand as the major modeling material, such as fired mold counterweight, shell type counterweight, negative pressure counterweight, muddy type counterweight, solid type counterweight, pottery and porcelain type counterweight and so on. 


Another type uses metal as the main modeling material, such as metal type counterweight, centrifugal type counterweight, pressure counterweight, low pressure counterweight, etc. The technology of heavy industry counterweight can be divided into three basic parts, namely, the preparation of counterweight iron metal, casting preparation and casting processing. 


The classified of light industry counterweight don't have a clear definition, which can be classified into two major categories. They are sheet molding processing and profile molding processing. The materials include various sheets, round iron, flat iron, cubic irons, etc.


Jinggong could produce different types of counterweights according to the customer’s drawings or detailed requirements for the mechanical counterweights, mechanical counterweight blocks and engineering counterweights…