Engineering Mechanical Counterweight

  • Introduction

Engineering Mechanical Counterweight is used to increase itself weight to keep the heavy balanced. It is a crafts of pouring the liquid fired according to a certain requirement into the mould, and getting a casting with given shape, size and characteristic after cooling down and cleaned. Engineering mechanical counterweight is one fundamental crafts of modern machine production.


Engineering mechanical counterweight is applied in fields of small home appliances and toys. In these fields counterweight is used in keeping itself center of gravity balanced and stable, some is to increase the weight and the touch for production that has a light weight. Meanwhile, it is a more reasonable choice of design and a more commercial appliance method in those fields.


Main specification:

1. Weight: 1kg to 7000 Kg.

2. Capacity: 1000 Tons/month.

3. Material: Grey iron, Ductile iron.

4. Accurate dimensions, smooth surface, good quality.

5. Drawing design & CNC machining for patterns.

6. Surface Finish: primer & finish paint.

7. Spray-paint can be applied as per customer’s requirement.

8. Adequate free capacity.