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 Product details



Good stability and durability.The design of cross-reinforced rib for Cast Iron T-Slotted Floor Plates , which not only has good stability, but also greatly improves the stability of the Cast Iron T-Slotted Plates.

 Accurate measurement

Support customization Plane reference measuring tool for workpiece inspection or scribing, accurate measurement, sizing, slotting position, etc. to meet your different needs.

Material compliance

High-strength cast iron HT250-300, HB170-240, and V-shaped, T-shaped, U-shaped, round holes, long holes, etc. can be processed on the working surface. Other specifications can be designed and produced according to customer requirements.


Artificial Annealing

After 600-700 degrees high temperature annealing and aging treatment, manual scraping, according to DIN876, four grades of 0, 1, 2, 3 respectively.