• Introduction

Jinggong Cast Iron Box Cubes serve as a versatile tool for layout machine set-ups, tooling and inspection, has exported to customers in the USA, Canada, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc. with the main technical information:


1.  Box worktable for workpiece set-ups, tooling and inspection on machine tools.



2.  High-strength cast iron GG-20, GG-25 or GG-30 made.



3. Twice annealing heat treaments to relieve internal stresses.



4. Can be made into the one-piece construction or the two-section construction.



5. Designed and manufactured to requirements on loading capacity.



6. T-slots with widths, distances, numbers and directions made as per customer request.



7. The picture shows the clamping cube 1000x750x500mm with material GG25 and T slots 22H12.