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What are the machining errors of cast iron platforms?
2022-03-09 15:16:17

There are many reasons for the error of the cast iron testing plate in the machining process, such as the problem of the workpiece itself or the problem of the machine tool. In the following, we will introduce the causes of errors in cast iron platform planing from three main aspects.


1. The flatness error of the upper and lower planes of the cast iron platform: the main reason is that the bonding state of the base surface and the work table surface is not good, or the cast iron platform is deformed by cutting force and clamping force.


2. The parallelism error of the two parallel surfaces on the cast iron platform: the main reason is that the beam is not parallel to the table surface. Therefore, after adjusting the height of the beam, first check the parallelism of the horizontal movement direction of the tool rest and the worktable. If there is an error, it should be adjusted in time. In addition, attention should be paid to the fit of the bottom surface of the cast iron platform with the worktable during clamping, and there should be no gaps after clamping, otherwise, it should be re-clamped.


3. The surface quality is not good: for example, the surface of the cast iron platform blank has defects (depressions, notches, blisters and pores, etc.) that have not been removed, leaving certain traces, especially when the machining allowance is small, this phenomenon is easy to occur. Therefore, before planing, careful inspection should be done to understand the whole situation of the workpiece, and then the positioning and clamping of the workpiece should be correctly determined.


The appearance of the cast iron platform is basically a box type, the working surface is rectangular, square, round, etc., the material is HT200-300, QT400-600, using the scraping process, the working surface can be processed V-shaped, T-shaped, U-shaped grooves , dovetail groove, round hole, long hole, etc., are plane reference measuring tools used for workpiece, equipment inspection, marking, assembly, welding, assembly, riveting and welding, so we must pay attention to the error generated by cast iron platform in machining , so that it is reduced to a small size, so as to facilitate the rapid production of the next process.


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