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Scraping and mechanized finishing of first-class cast iron slabs
2022-03-10 14:46:43

Cast iron plate is an important tool used in machinery manufacturing plants for measurement, inspection, marking and fitter assembly. Generally, it is made of dense and fine-grained cast iron with good wear resistance and small deformation, and it is also made of marble. Because it is a measurement benchmark, the requirements for accuracy and finish are high. In order to ensure these requirements, the flat working surface needs to be scraped and finely milled.


Milling and scraping of cast iron plate:


The milling and scraping of cast iron plates is a heavy manual labor, with low production efficiency and high labor intensity, and requires skilled fitters with higher skills to operate. The so-called "milling and scraping" is the combination of the two processes of scraping the flat plate and grinding the flat plate. That is, plane scraping - grinding display, then plane scraping - grinding and displaying again, and so on, alternating cycles, and continuous operation. The surface roughness value and shape and position error of the cast iron plate are gradually reduced; the contact accuracy and geometric accuracy are gradually improved during operation until the specified requirements are met.


The surface quality of the cast iron plate with milling and scraping process is inspected by coloring. The grade 0 plate shall not be less than 25 points per square 25 mm, the grade 1 shall not be less than 20 points, the grade 2 shall not be less than 16 points, and the grade 3 shall not be less than 16 points. less than 12 o'clock.


The main purpose of the scraping and grinding process of the cast iron plate is one of the methods of plane dressing. It is also a necessary processing technology for machine tools and cast iron flat plates, which are difficult to achieve with only surface grinders and rail grinders.


Mechanized fine milling of cast iron plate:


With the development of society, the required precision is getting higher and higher. The precision is not achieved by manual scraping and grinding. Although the price of cast iron plates processed by large CNC machine tools is higher than that of ordinary cast iron plates, it is still subject to widespread The trust of customers, the quality of the inspection plate of CNC machining is stable, and the machining accuracy is high. The large-scale CNC boring and milling machining center is composed of mechanical equipment and CNC system. CNC machining center is one of the most productive and applied CNC machine tools in the world. Its comprehensive processing ability is strong, the workpiece can complete more processing content after one clamping, the processing accuracy is high, and the efficiency of batch workpieces with medium processing difficulty is 5 to 10 times that of ordinary equipment, especially it can complete many The processing that cannot be completed by ordinary equipment is suitable for single-piece processing or medium and small batch multi-variety production with complex shapes and high precision requirements.


cast iron slab


The comparison between the milling and scraping of the cast iron plate and the mechanized fine milling:


1. The mechanized fine milling of cast iron plates saves time and costs;


2. Although the milling and scraping of cast iron plates is relatively backward, for the first-class cast iron plates, under the condition of relatively high precision requirements, it is a processing technology that cannot be replaced by any mechanical processing. In order to improve the service life of the cast iron plate and ensure its working accuracy, it is recommended to control the scraping depth above 0.02mm, which can ensure the cast iron plate has a long service life and verification cycle.