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Heavy-duty cast iron platform adopts resin self-hardening sand casting
2022-03-09 15:25:25

1. Due to the use of a foamed plastic pattern that vaporizes when it encounters molten metal, there is no need for mold release, no parting surface, no core, so there is no flash burr, and the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of cast iron platform castings are close to investment casting. But the size can be larger than investment casting.


2. Various shapes of cast iron platform castings with complex shapes can be bonded by foam plastic molds to form a whole, which reduces processing and assembly time, reduces casting costs by 10% to 30%, and provides sufficient freedom for casting structure design. .


3. The production process of cast iron platform castings is simplified, the production cycle is shortened, and the molding efficiency is increased by 2-5 times compared with sand casting.


Disadvantages: The cast pattern of the cast iron platform can only be used once, and the foam plastic has low density and low strength, and the pattern is easily deformed, which affects the dimensional accuracy of the casting, and the gas produced by the pattern during casting pollutes the environment.



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