The maintenance of cast iron surface plates
2015-12-10 17:52:59
1. In case of any deformation happen during the processing of lifting, must be sure the four wire ropes which steadily hoist the four sides of surface plate in same-length.
2. When installing, the cast iron adjustable mounts on every supporting pointes should be well adjusted in order to bear averaged force. Our professional specialists are in charge of debugging the surface plates until getting qualified precision grade.
3. When using, please put down carefully and it is not allowed to move the rough workpieces on surface plates in case of any scratched, dented in places.
4. After using, please take down the workpieces in case that any deformation happens.
5. When not in use, we need to clean the working surface, coat rust-proof oils, cover with rust-proof paper and package the surface plates with outer packing in order to protect the surface plates in well condition.
6. Store it in a dry and ventilated place, away from heat source and corrosion of acid-base.
7. Routine check, re-testing period is 6-12 months.